I would like to integrate a donation button. Which providers are available for this?
We have put together a small list of providers that you can use, for example, to add a donation button on your website.

Paypal Charity
Under the following link you can learn how to use Paypal for Charity:

As a Non Profit Organisation you will have better conditions.
But you can as well provide your privat PayPal Account information, so that the Donation Button is connected to your paypal.
Please read the terms and conditions of the provider Paypal before using it.

Provide a link to your Patreon Page
Where people can donate on a frequent base to your project:

Set up Facebook donation button for charities
On the following website Facebook describes how to add a donation button to your own Charité page:

The page must be registered with Facebook Payments for this process.

If your host your own Blog or webpage you can integrate Stripe and provide the link to your website where people can donate:

If you do not want to create a form yourself, you can also contact the Stripe-Partner and Provider Donorbox and its price modalities: https://donorbox.org/pricing

With all the above-mentioned, partly international providers, it is important to take a close look at the general terms and conditions, as well as the pricing models and fees that apply to each donation transaction.
Thanks for your support!

Where do I set up a live event?
The selection of free do-it-yourself live streaming platforms is extensive thanks to social media top dogs. The same goes for providers with additional chargeable functions. In general, the decision depends, among other things, on the technical equipment used, the conditions set by the providers themselves and their preference as to which provider, which data protection conditions and tools provided are suitable for live broadcasting or which target groups for the content to be offered are likely to be effectively encountered on which platforms.
A selection of important live streaming platforms can be found here.

How do I make my event visible on Skandinavien.live?
Click on the button „Submit event“. On the page you can now enter all information about your event. In the next step you can check and confirm the information. You will then receive a link from us, which you can use to make changes later, for example if the date changes or if you want to add something.

In order to post an event on the platform as an organizer*, you have to enter the following information in the input form:

Name of the event
Start and end date
Link to the livestream
E-mail address

How to create a repetitive live event?
We have created an extra field for this. Please follow the instructions under „Submit event“. There you can enter whether your event will take place once, daily or weekly. You can create a maximum of 20 dates for your event.

Can I also post several events?
Yes, we are pleased about every contribution that enriches the digital cultural offer.

How can I change the date of my event?
After you have created your event, you will receive a link in your browser window and via e-mail. With this link you can edit your event afterwards.

Does it cost anything to create an event?
No, Skandinavien.live is free of charge and not commercial.

What content am I not allowed to present ?
You really do have a lot of freedom here, but events where people are devalued and attacked or where hatred or violence is incited against them will not be accepted. Events, in which racist, anti-Semitic or sexist, homophobic, trans-hostile or fascist contents are transported, are thrown out or are brought to the charge, if they are criminally relevant. You can find more information in our Netiquette.

I don’t have a live event. Can I publish already recorded ones?
Of course! All digital offers (already recorded videos, virtual tours etc.) that are not livestreams can be published under the heading „On-Demand“. To do this, you simply have to click on the button „Submit event“ on the homepage and select „On-Demand offer“. On the page you can now enter all the information about your on-demand offer and in the next step you can check and confirm the details.
You will then receive a link from us, which you can use to make changes later on, for example if the offer changes or you want to add something.
In order to place an offer on the platform as an offer creator*, the following information must be entered in the input form:

Name of the on-demand offer
Link to the on-demand offer
E-mail address
You can find more information in the terms of use

What should I pay attention to when publishing my events?
As event registrant* you are solely responsible for the correctness and legality of your information and details of an event. We will not check the information for plausibility or legality. You can find more information in the terms of use. Please keep to our netiquette and make sure that the date and time are entered correctly so that no one is disappointed when they click on your entry.

Which legal requirements must I take into account?
When you enter an event, you agree to comply with our terms of use and applicable law and not to violate the rights of third parties. Here you can also find information about our data protection.

Who is behind the initiative?
Skandinavien.Live is a project of Skandinavien Institut in Berlin/Potsdam and Stockholm. Among other projects, they are the makers of Scandinavien Media Day, Scandinavian Summits, Scandinavian Outdoor Award, Scandinavian Travel Award, and the new event concept Scandinavian Match. All projects are targeting the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region

I noticed a mistake, should I report it?
Yes, please. We are in the process of continuously improving the site and correcting any errors.