Germans are dreaming of tranquility, fresh air, inspiring culture and magnificent landscapes. We are certain that Scandinavia will be top of mind for one of the vacations!

This new German digital platform brings live stories from the Nordic countries into the homes and hearts of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. covers all aspects of life in Scandinavia, nature, travel, culture, design, music and literature.

Communities for Everyone

You will find access to the haaartland platform and our ever growing number of specialized communities, like Outdoor Products, Nordic Food and Travel Destinations

Live Events and Streaming Content is a free sharing platform for private persons and also professional artists from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the beautiful islands of Åland, Faroe and Gotland. Everybody can create an event to share music, culture, travel, food, people, animals and landscapes etc. The events are available for the audience as live program or on demand.

So, watch the Icelandic funk band, the melting Swedish Icehotel, the famous Norwegian violinist performing in his backyard, the popular Helsinki city guide or the newborn husky puppies in Lapland. Expect spectacular live acts from international music stars or choose slow entertainment by following a Sami reindeer herder on his tour in remote Lapland. Weekly highlights present interviews, exclusive performances, and insights into private homes of Scandinavian top-stars.